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Hi, I'm Peter Erikson. I draw on brevity and clarity to write and edit strong content.

Peter Erikson's Bio:

I am an online copy editor and proofreader for editions of the San Jose Mercury News, including the Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times. 

As a language specialist and technical communicator, I can coax meaning from convoluted passages and craft engaging headlines on deadlines. My grammar and writing skills are perhaps analogous to those of the pitcher who can not only throw strikes but hit the ball as well. 

When I'm not editing, I am creating my own content. My 2012 piece for the Center for Investigative Reporting described how the salaries of public school superintendents in California were risin as funding for education was falling.
Do you like discussing communications strategies, apps, robotics or social media. If so, reach out to me at
Peter Erikson
(415) 320-5176

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Technology, business, photo editing, science, grammar, sports, robotics, smartphones

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